You remember the feeling: it's your last day of school with months of summer holidays ahead of you and you just cannot wait to flee the building!


But little Mike O'Rourke was so excited about it all that he ran out of the school, tripped and broke his arm. While the thought of having her boy out of action on the school holidays was a “nightmare”, according to mum, it was even more upsetting for the seven-year-old boy from New York.


Thankfully his dad Michael came up with a cool idea. He brought his boy to Ink Couture, a local tattoo shop, in the hope that they’d be able to jazz up his cast a bit.


But he never expected it to be a masterpiece like this!



Once the artist, Drew, got wind of Mike’s love of Iron Man, he was compelled to turn his cast into something that even Hugh Jackman would be proud of!


And suffice to say, Mike’s frown was turned upside down.


“Drew went above and beyond to make my son feel like a superhero,” dad Michael told


“Mike has had a smile from ear-to-ear and hasn’t stopped smiling since.”




The youngster has even become something of a local celebrity after snaps of his uber-cool robotic arm started going the rounds online.


“We were in McDonald’s and the Lego store in the mall and people stopped him and said ‘You’re the Facebook kid,’” he said.


“He loves the attention. Everyone is in amazement at the work that was done.”


It’s great to see people who are as kind as they are passionate about their work.


We've loving it!



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