As far as frightening footage goes, the following video of a Florida mum wrestling with a would-be-kidnapper to free her daughter is right up there with the most chilling.


The CCTV footage has sent shockwaves out among parents all over the world, with the whole altercation reportedly playing out in the space of just 15 seconds.


According to reports, the woman and her 13-year-old daughter were shopping at the Dollar General Store in Hernando, when the incident occurred.


Craig Bonello, 30, can be seen pushing a trolley down an aisle, then making a dash around the corner and grabbing the unsuspecting teen by her arms. He then drags her, kicking and screaming, while her mother tries to keep a hold of her.



This fearless mother fought Bonello every step of the way, eventually throwing her body on top of her daughter in a bid to stop the would-be-kidnapper.


The woman’s screams are said to have alerted off-duty police deputy Jonathan Behnen, who was outside of the store and managed to catch Bonello when he attempted to flee the scene.


Bonello was arrested on the spot and is now facing charges of child abuse and kidnapping.


Well done to this courageous mother for managing to stop this predator in his tracks.


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