While it is not a particularly pleasant topic, poop is great insight into what is going on inside your child's body. Whether they need a change in diet or are a little under the weather, a quick look in the toilet can tell you all you need to know. 


1. Small, hard pellets

If the stool has been sitting in your child’s intestine for a long time the water is absorbed back into the intestine leaving hard, small pellets. This is generally caused by a food allergy, dehydration, low fibre intake or stress.


What you can do:

Make sure your child is eating a high-fibre diet and is drinking plenty of fluids.


2. Light coloured stool

If your child’s poo is light in colour or has a greenish tint, it generally means they have ingested too much refined or processed fats that their body is unable to digest.


What you can do:

Keep an eye on your child’s intake of processed fatty foods and book an appointment with their GP if a diet change doesn’t resolve itself.



3. Stinky, dark poop

Poop generally does not smell that bad, but if your little one is excreting toxic smelling faeces it is a sign they have eaten too much processed foods.


What you can do:

Make sure your child is eating plenty of fresh, wholefoods, and try to get organic as much as possible.


4. Watery poop

Diarrhoea is a sign that the body is trying to get rid of an infection and often results in a watery-like poop.


What you can do:

Keep your child hydrated and make sure they wash their hands thoroughly after they have used the bathroom.


5. C-shaped poo with a slight smell 

This is perfectly normal and is exactly what you should be looking out for 


What you can do: 

Keep up the good work! 



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