In the fight against germs, some parents can become a little paranoid; however, while certain situations can be really bad, others are less so.
When your child starts digging around in the playground sand area
We all know that cats love nothing more than doing their business in the sand so the best thing to do is avoid them. However, if your child does end up playing in the sand pit, make sure you wash their hands really well after. And never let them put it in their mouth – yes, we know exactly what kids are like.
If your child doesn’t wash their hands before eating
Sometimes, in the commotion of trying to get kids to sit down for their dinner, mums can forget to ask their child if they washed their hands. The seriousness of the situation actually depends on where they were before dinner. If they were outside, they may have picked up animal faeces or tiny parasites which they are then putting near their mouth. However, if they are coming from their bedroom to the kitchen, you shouldn’t worry too much. Make it a ritual so everyone remembers to wash up before dinner.
When your child forgets their flip flops in the local swimming pool
So, you arrive at the swimming pool only to realise that you have forgotten your little one's flip flops. However, before you rush home, having your child go barefoot just this one time is not too scary.The most important thing you can do is make sure you dry their feet really well after the swim because fungi loves nothing more than moist skin. Remember to pop water shoes into the swim bag for the next time though.
When your child plays with the toys in the doctor’s office
If you need to go to the doctor, try to leave your youngster with someone else because they can actually get sick from being there. When a sick child plays the toys in the waiting room they are rubbing their hands across snotty noses and then picking things up, leaving germs on the onject. While most clinics clean the toys after use, the best way to avoid spreading germs is to not let your kiddie play with them.