Most children love playing outdoors: kicking a football, climbing trees or just generally getting up to mischief. However, did you know that nature and being outside does more for your little one than keeping them entertained and out of your hair?
Here are four reasons why playing outdoors is important for your youngster.
They learn more about themselves
Playing in the outdoors can give your children a sense of freedom that encourages them to push boundaries and take risks such as climbing trees. Playing in groups also helps with your child’s mutual cooperation with others around them which will help to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem.  
Inspires their imagination and creativity
Being cooped up inside with the TV and a room full of toys means that your little one doesn’t need to resort to their imagination to play. However, being outside not only forces them to use their imagination, it also generates a sense of curiosity that will help to develop their creative side.
Increases their attention span and helps ease stress
Contact with nature can help with your big kid's learning by enhancing their concentration span, attention levels and cognitive function. Green spaces can also help to your child deal with stress as it helps them to focus their attention more which will help them think more clearly.
Health and fitness
Playing outside will help your kiddie one keep their fitness levels up; it also helps with their balance and coordination and to build up their immune system, meaning they are less likely to experience illness.
Playing outside is important for health, well-being and general development so it is vital you encourage your little one to play outside as often as possible. If you don’t have an outdoor space near your home, make sure you regularly take your them to the local park or beach so that they can do their own exploring.