Set in the Dublin offices of fictional German Bank DKB, The Fallout looks at how the pressures of working in a post-recession economy can pit colleague against colleague, friend and against friend, and can make good people do terrible things.


The story follows the characters of Kate O'Brien, Mary Lawlor, Leona Blake and Olivia Sharpe, as everyone blames someone else for theor own troubles. 


Kate joined the bank one month earlier after a short break to have her children. Kate doesn’t want stress or drama, she just wants to do her job and go home.


However, Mary has worked at DKB long enough to be able to see that it’s happening again, and this time she won’t stand for it. She is sick of being taken advantage of and it’s got to stop.


Leona has a job to do and is going to do it no matter what the cost. Only now, as her whole world starts to implode, does she finally realise that the price just might have been too high.


And Olivia is finally writing things down. Now is her chance to take control of her life again and get closure for both herself and her children. What happened to her was wrong and someone needs to pay. Don’t they?


In the wake of the big crash, Mary blames Olivia, Olivia blames Leona, Leona blames her husband Gavin, the tax payer blames the Government and the Government blames the banks...


But what really happened to set employee against employee and whose fault was it?


The Fallout is the second novel from Margaret Scott, a Kildare-based accountant with a huge interest in current affairs and the difficulties facing the modern working woman, especially now in recent years.


Published by Poolbeg, it is available now


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