This woman deserves a 'teacher of the year' award!


Jodi Schmidt who teaches at Wisconsin’s Oakfield Elementary School just did the best thing ever for one of her pupils - she donated a kidney to eight-year-old pupil, Natasha ‘Tasha’ Fuller.


Tasha was born with prune belly syndrome, which means that she has to receive regular dialysis. She was living with her grandparents so she could get this treatment at a nearby hospital.


But all of this would all be unnecessary if she could just receive a new kidney. Jodi really felt for Tasha and her family, especially since the condition stopped Tasha from doing things that other kids love, such as swimming and dancing.



So Jodi got herself tested, and incredibly, learned that she was a match! But rather than just tell Tasha’s family, she and school principal Becky Doyle decided to say it with style. 


They brought Tasha’s gran Chris Burelton into the school without telling her why. They then presented her with a pink present.


Inside was a message that gave her the best news she could ever have wished for – that little Tasha was getting a kidney.


When Chris read the note, she immediately burst into tears of joy, and the touching moment was captured on camera (see vid below). 




"I just lost it," she told The Fond du Lac Reporter. "Jodi is an awesome woman, and I was just totally shocked. Speechless."


Earlier this week, Tasha underwent surgery to have Jodi’s kidney transferred into her little body, and she’s now on the mend.


“Thanks to Jodi’s amazing gift and support of her family, we are with Tasha as she recovers and gets stronger after the transplant. We are so grateful for the outpouring of support our family has received, particularly from Oakfield Elementary staff and students. Tasha looks forward to seeing you all as soon as she can.”


Speaking of the amazing way she was able to help her pupil, Jodi said: "I think we're all brought to a certain place and time for a reason." Aww, our hearts!



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