Ben Morris may be just seven years of age, but he has been through more than most people twice his age. 


The Oklahoma boy was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of three, and has had to undergo countless treatments since.


“We’re just a normal family whose life was turned upside down by cancer,” mum Casi wrote on her Facebook page.


But the family got some fabulous news recently: their little man is now cancer-free!


Over-the-moon to get the news, mum Casi knew her boy would be too. So as she prepared to tell him the news, she had the camera at the ready – and she’s glad she did.


“Hey Ben, guess what?” she says to her son.


“I have a little bit of news. So you know how yesterday they ran some tests on your bone marrow? And they were looking to see if you have any cancer cells left or if they all went away?”



“And, they all went away. You are cancer free. You don’t have cancer anymore.”


Initially, the news doesn’t seem to sink in. Ben just stands there and looks around him. But once he realises what this means, his first thought turns to his buddies.


“Do I still go to (cancer) camp?” he asks.


His mum replies “yes, you still go to camp!”, and that’s when he and his brother Ethan flip their lids in excitement, screaming and running around the house in amazement.


While Ben has a few weeks of treatment left, his family are so happy that they had the strength to get through the “hell” they’ve been through in recent years.


“Our approach is simple: Be flexible. Be brave. Don’t eat hospital food. And most importantly, keep your sense of humour.”


It’s great to see families holding onto their optimism even during their darkest days.


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