There is a CHEESE advent calendar, and we don't know what to think


We have been seeing so many alternative advent calendars this year, from wine to gin- and everything in between.


However, the latest one may just be the strangest advent calendar yet, and we sort of love it. 


Cheese Advent Calendar


Annem Hobson, a food blogger from London, has invented a cheese advent calendar... and has become our ultimate hero as a result. 


Cheese Advent Calendar


Each day contains a delicious piece of cheese, from cheddar to brie!


A CHEESE advent calendar exists and why has no-one thought of this before?!


The kicker is that Annem won't be ready to distribute these amazing calendars until 2017, so we'll have to wait.


Cheese Advent Calendar


You can register your interest over on, where you'll get updates on Annems cheesy progress.


However, if you simply cannot wait until next year, why not make your own?


Cheese Advent Calendar


Annem posted instructions on her blog, so we can all have our very own cheese-filled calendar. 


Thanks BRIE to God. 


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