These kids are definitely grounded!


Oregon teacher and mum-of-four Michelle Giggler, took away the phones and tablets of her 8 to 13-year-old kids to stop them from playing at night. 


But what they did next is genius, if slightly evil. 



"I collect all cell phones and iPads from the kids at night and keep them in my room," she wrote on Twitter. 


"Last night those little ***holes all set alarms to go off at bvarious times theoughout the night. 


"I'm impressed with their ingenuity and team effort. 


 "They're all grounded." 




We're in bits. Other parents completely relate, with the tweet racking up thousands of likes and retweets. 



Luckily for the sneaky kids, Giggler says that they found the whole thing hilarious in hindsight. 



With more and more research being done into the harmful effects of technology on children, this is parenting done right!