This girl has made a dress from her grandmother’s old WALLPAPER, we're not joking


Can you even believe it?


Emily Seilhamer is a fan of upcycling, so much so, she has made a dress from old wallpaper.



This isn’t just any wallpaper though; this is paper which she grew up looking at in her grandmother’s home.


Emily claims she always “thought the wallpaper would make a nice Easter dress.”



And her luck came in when, this year her grandmother’s home was redecorated, giving her the chance to make her thought a reality.


Emily uploaded snaps of the completed look, alongside a ‘how to’ tutorial on making the dress.



But the one that caught our eye was the snap of Emily holding a photograph of her grandmother with the wallpaper in the background.



How amazing is this? Something we would never have thought about, and a lovely tribute to her grandmother.

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