This is how long it will take for daughters to get their dad’s approval on a new partner

If you’ve ever brought a fella home to meet your parents only to be met by scepticism and unease, then you’re definitely not alone.

We’ve all been there – the sweaty palms and excited butterflies that inevitably come when bringing a new partner home for the first time to meet the parents, hoping they approve of your beloved.

A survey conducted by greeting cards marketplace, has revealed it takes 3 months to get your dad's approval on your romantic partner.

The study quizzed 1,000 dads across the UK on how long it took for them to approve of their child’s partner, as well as the attributes that are most important to them. It was found that a quarter of dad’s (25%) said they actually approved of their kid’s partner from the first moment they met them, with just less than one in 10 (9%) taking seven months or longer to approve.

The survey also went on to reveal that almost two-fifths (37%) said that they are happy with who their child is in a relationship with. More than one in 10 (11%) went on to say that they don’t believe their children need their dad’s approval on their partners, with it completely being their choice.

On the other hand, almost one in five (19%) said they would tell their child if they didn’t like their partner, and 16% said they have actually told their child in the past if they haven’t approved of who they are with.

When asked about the most important things that their child’s partners should do to get their seal of approval, the most popular attributes were:

  • Show respect to my family (24%)

  • To be family orientated (24%)

  • Take the time to build a relationship with me (18%)

  • Be there during tough times (17%)

  • Show desire to learn more about my child (15%)

  • Looking at some of the other important factors, 8% said that their potential child-in-law should laugh at their jokes, spend lots of money on their child (8%) and go to the pub with them (7%).

When asked when their child’s partner/spouse should avoid doing in order to the get their seal of approval, the top answers from the dads surveyed were:

  • Being disrespectful (26%)

  • Have a bad attitude (22%)

  • Being fake-nice (19%)

  • Forgetting manners (15%)

  • Being a know-it-all (14%)

  • Not speaking to our family (14%)

  • Some of the other attributes that are best avoided were, getting drunk (13%), swearing in front of them (13%), and having sex in the family home (10%)

As it turns out, a bit of manners and a show of respect can go a long way in getting that all important stamp of approval!