Over the weekend it was revealed that the world's first baby had been born to a mother with a womb transplant - and now it seems more wonder babies are on the way.
Nine other expectant mothers participated in the pioneering project run by Sweden's Gothenberg University, and two of them are due to give birth within weeks.
Both of the women are carrying babies in wombs donated by their own mothers - meaning the same womb will carry two generations of one family.
Some of the nine women chosen for transplants were both without a womb, while others had a hysterectomy due to cancer or to stop potentially fatal bleeding during labour.
A donor womb is not viable for a lifetime but it can be used for one, possibly two, pregnancies once it has been transplanted.
The 36-year-old mother of Vincent, the first womb transplant baby, has spoken about the beautiful moment she met her son for the first time.
"As soon as I felt this perfect baby boy on my chest, I had tears of happiness and enormous relief," she said. "I have always had this large sorrow because I never thought I would be a mother – and now the impossible has become real."