We know, you shouldn’t laugh at someone else’s pain, especially a child’s. But sometimes, it’s just too funny not to.


That’s certainly what this teen girl thinks anyway!


Alyse Roberts’ little brother Jake was just messing around when he got stuck inside the base of a metal table, and was unable to get out.


And Alyse couldn’t keep a straight face. In fact, she found the whole thing so hilarious that she couldn’t help herself from putting a camera on him.



In the ten-second clip, which has now also been posted on Twitter and shared thousands of times, Jake can be seen caught inside the silver end table, his head poking out between two legs and his own legs folded up tightly near his body.


His eyes are wide with panic, his face is red with desperation, and he has presumably already been caught in the table for quite some time.


Jake whimpers as his mother tries to move his head, saying: 'Well, let's see.'



'It's so scary!' Jake says in a frantic voice, seemingly on the verge of tears before his mother soothingly replies: 'No, you're OK.' 


But Alyse and big sister Alexa are nowhere near as sympathetic, and can be heard squealing with laughter in the background.


Eventually, it seems, Jake managed to get out — and luckily, he has a sense of humor about the situation. 



Alexa also shared a series of photos of the little boy posing with the offending table, leaning on it and pretending to get caught underneath it again.


'Table for sale!' Alexa captioned the snaps. 'Very good quality and can hold the average small child. Please purchase to spread awareness for Jake.'



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