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What causes dry, itchy eye lids?

Blepharitis is the most common reason you would experience dry, itchy eye lids. Blepharitis is a common inflammation of the eyelid, especially at the base of the upper and lower lashes that is sometimes associated with a bacterial eye infection. This condition is caused by an excess production of the bacteria that are normally found on the eyelids.
The condition frequently occurs in people who have a tendency towards oily skin, dandruff or dry eyes. This excess production is usually caused by an overabundance of oil produced from the glands near the eyelids. Blepharitis can also develop because of the presence of eyelash mites. People with other conditions such as rosacea or seborrheic dermatitis are also more prone to blepharitis.
There is no definite cure for blepharitis but careful treatment can reduce the symptoms and prevent it from getting worse. Your doctor may recommend warm, wet compresses, antibiotic drops or ointment, and a daily lid washing routine.
You should consult with your G.P. or ophthalmologist if you are experiencing dry, itchy eye lids.

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