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What are the symptoms of eye conditions in children?

Young children often don't notice if they have a vision problem so you will need to be vigilant and know the tell tale signs to watch out for.
You should contact his doctor or ophthalmologist if you notice that he exhibits any of the following symptoms:
  • needs you to hold the book closer when you read to him
  • squints often
  • tilts his head to see better (when he is looking at the television or at a picture book)
  • rubs his eyes when he’s not sleepy
  • seems to tear excessively
  • closes his eyes to see better
  • avoids close, near vision activity, like colouring
  • avoids distance vision activities like watching birds, playing football
  • seems overly sensitive to light
  • his eyes seem to cross or his eyes don’t work in unison
  • redness in his eyes that doesn’t seem to go away (might be accompanied by pain or sensitivity to light)
  • seems particularly clumsy
  • has an eyelid that seems to droop, or is never fully open
  • has bulging eyes
  • has pus or crust in either eye
  • he displays any other change in the normal appearance of his eyes
  • complains of eye pain or seems distressed
Your child’s doctor or ophthalmologist will be able to determine if there is a cause to be concerned. He will be able to examine your child’s eyes and check his vision.

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