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Can I treat an eye injury myself?

Babies and young children like to explore and no matter how careful you are chances are they will injure themselves somehow. If your child’s eye is injured, you should always seek immediate, professional medical attention. Here are some tips on what to do while you wait for medical assistance.
Trauma to the eye:  If your child is hit in the eye, rest a protective shield (a paper cup will suffice) on the bone around the eye, making sure there is no pressure on the eye itself. Get immediate professional, medical attention.
Foreign body: If a foreign body has entered the eye, do not try and remove it as you may further damage the eye or force the object in deeper. Rest a protective shield, such as a paper cup, making sure there is no pressure on the eye itself. Get immediate, medical attention.
Black eye: If your child gets hit in the eye area, place an ice pack or cold cloth over the eye. Get immediate, medical attention.
Chemical burn: If your child has gotten a chemical burn, rinse it with fresh, cold water for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Hold their head under the tap and use a clean container to pour water into their eye, keeping the affected eye open with your fingers. Get immediate, medical attention. 

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