In his new book, Richard Scarry has finally helped us parents answer the question kids are forever asking: “What do people do all day?”.


Everyone is busy in Busytown. From train drivers to doctors, mothers to sailors and police officers to fire fighters, everyone has something to do in his new book, What Do People Do All Day?, which is published by HarperCollins.


Richard Scarry follows Captain Salty and his crew as they get ready to go on a voyage, and Sergeant Murphy who is working hard to keep things safe. He takes the reader to the hospital where Abby is visiting Doctor Lion, the coal mine where the miners are working underground and, finally, to the water reservoir where he shows us how water makes it to our homes.


Full of interesting, captivating and engaging illustrations, this book is a real conversation starter and will make a great bedtime story for kids of all ages.


What Do People Do All Day? By Richard Scarry will be available from Thursday, 8th October.