Seizures can be terrifying to watch, especially for parents - and especially when you're all by yourself watching it happen. 


That’s how it was for mum-of-two Angi Burk Peitzak. She was driving along with her two kids when she saw her youngest, two-year-old Quinn, was in trouble.


“Last week, I found myself terrified and alone on the side of the road, holding my two year old daughter as she worked through a febrile seizure,” Angi wrote on the Love What Matters Facebook page. 


Fortunately, kind pizzeria owner Mark was nearby and realised Angi needed some help.


“Mark helped me to a parking lot, bought me water, sat with me as I composed myself and waited for Quinn to regain consciousness, then ultimately got us to the hospital.”


Little Quinn is now perfectly fine, but Angi jokes that her husband is “never allowed to leave town again,” and gave Mark a sweet little plug, saying “Mark makes great pizza!”


She also described him as “the best stranger I have ever met.” Aww, isn’t it nice to see the kindness of strangers still around?


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