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When is the right time to start weaning?

When to start weaning is a personal decision, which is entirely the parent’s choice. The appropriate time varies greatly because every child is different and they tend to reach the stage where milk is no longer enough at their own pace. There is also mum’s situation to consider and this can be influenced by many things including the need to prepare for returning to work or it can be simply that she feels it is the right time for her and her baby.
As a very general guideline, it is widely accepted that solids should not be introduced to your baby’s diet before 4 months and not later than 6 months. Up to 4 months, your baby’s digestive system and kidneys are not ready to handle solids yet. It is also thought that if you introduce solids too early, your baby is more prone to allergic reactions as their system has not adequately matured. 
Whenever you decide that you and your baby are ready to begin weaning, then this is the right time for you and is totally acceptable as long as your baby is getting all the nutrition they need.

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Honey should never be given to a baby under 12 months due to the risk of botulism poisoning.
There are lots of wonderful first foods for your baby to try including puréed vegetables, fruit, and baby cereals. 
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A good breakfast is vital to ensure your baby is getting the best start to the day. 
In the beginning you should only feed your baby a spoon or two of solid food a day. This will gradually build up over a period of a weeks until they are enjoying three meals a day.
It is essential that you provide your baby with a well balanced and nutritious diet. There is a wonderful variety of foods to choose from.
If you're having problems weaning your baby it may be that they just aren't ready. Take a week or two to resume milk feedings and try again.