We’ve had pleas from the authorities and heartbroken families who have lost loved ones, but still, people continue to take risks with drunk-driving.


If there is one video that you and your teens should watch today it is the following, from Buzzfeed. In it, a group of young people tested out a ‘drunk-driving simulator suit’, allowing them to experience what it is like to get behind the wheel while intoxicated.


The suit was developed by Ford and is currently being used in the US to teach students about the dangers of drunk-driving.



The drivers are fitted with weights, pads restricting movement on their elbows and knees, a muffling system for their ears, and goggles that throw off their vision.


The test crew got the drivers to first perform a ‘sober lap’, minus the suit, and then another lap wearing it. Before the drivers have even started the car, they are feeling the effects of the suit – and they are scared.


While no one hit any of the orange cones during the first lap, it was a completely different scenario when the drivers went around the second time, while wearing the suit. Their vision was seriously impaired, and many stopped driving halfway through as they were too nervous to continue on.


“I can’t believe people drive like this,” was the verdict of one driver.


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