Playing sports is great for your child and not just for their fitness. While sport in general is important for your little one to maintain good health, team sports can benefit them in ways individual sports can’t.
Playing a team sport can help your child to become confident and well adjusted as they learn to work together with others to achieve a mutual goal.
When you play on a team, your little one immediately bonds with people of their own age who are interested in the same thing. If they are playing a sport outside of school they will form friendships with another group of people which will help them to develop socially.  
Teamwork skills
Teamwork is important and not just for sports. Developing teamwork skills is something your child will take with them into adulthood and any future career they may follow.
A sense of belonging
Being part of a team, your little one will develop a sense of belonging which will help them to maintain good self esteem and self worth.
A team involves everyone working towards the same goal – winning. Through this they learn to respect their team mates different skills and abilities and they also learn to respect authority including their coach and the referee.
Think of others
Team sports are great to help your little one learn to think of others and how their actions might affect others. They encourage your youngster to be less selfish and to help others whether they agree with their decision or not.
To take instruction
When you are playing for a team you will need to follow direction and to listen to others. They will start to understand that if they don’t their actions will affect the rest of the team.
Be less egocentric
Kids can be very much all about ‘me, me, me’ but when they are on a team they can’t be like that. It becomes about working together and not solely about what your child can do on their own.
Develop discipline
Team sports are good for kids to learn about setting goals, how to achieve those goals and how they can help their team to achieve their ultimate goal.
To deal with disappointment
Playing a team sport is great to help your child understand how to deal with disappointment. But also a sense of achievement.