The reason we love loaf cakes so much? They are usually quicker and simpler to make than round elaborate cakes and much easier to transport and to slice.


As for the taste, it is just as good, if not better, than most cakes, as they tend to remain moist for longer. 


So, because we like to make our life easy without compromising on flavours, we have gathered some fabulous loaf cake recipes that your family and friends will love!


1. Blueberry and lemon cake



2. Chocolate banana bread with peanut butter frosting



3. Plum and almond loaf



4. Lime and coconut cake



5. Chocolate ice-cream cake



6. Chocolate and courgette loaf



7. Carrot loaf cake



8. Raspberry loaf cake



9. White chocolate loaf cake



10. Walnut and honey cake

11. Simple apple loaf



12. Banana, chocolate and peanut butter frozen loaf