Teaching your child to swim is an important part of growing up. Not only is it fun, but knowing how to swim will ensure your child is a lot safer near water. However, while it is a necessary part of growing up, some children just don’t like the water.
To help mums struggling to get their child in the pool, these tips should help.
Be a role model
If you are afraid of the water, never let your little one be aware of this. Seeing their parents being frightened will just add to their fear. Set an example when you are near water and make swimming all about being fun. If your little one sees you enjoying yourself they might want to discover what all the fuss is about.
Gradually introduce them to the water
Gradually introduce them to getting in the water. Take them to the beach or lakes and let them paddle their feet before taking them to a swimming pool. When you are taking them to the pool, equip them with armbands and floater devices or whatever they need to ensure they are comfortable.
Don’t force it
Don’t force your child to either go to a swimming pool or to get in the water. Pushing your child to do something that they are really afraid of can just push their fear in deeper. Remember to encourage, not insist. In time, your little one will hopefully get over their fear of the water without having any bad feelings towards either you or swimming.
Never leave them alone
If you do manage to get your little one into the water, never, ever leave them alone. Obviously they will be feeling a little vulnerable and out of their comfort zone so they will need you to be there to ensure they are safe.
Get them excited
Get them excited about swimming by talking about how much fun they are going to have and the cool tricks they can learn like swimming under water and the great games that they can play.
Get them lessons
Get your little one swimming lessons. Instructors are trained to help kids who are fearful of getting in and might be able to offer your little one reassurance.