The sun has got its hat on and that can only mean on thing: sun cream!


And while we all rejoice when that bright yellow thing in the sky makes a rare appearance, it can send mums into a cold sweat at the thoughts of having to slather the kids in cream to make sure their precious skin is kept safe. 


If you have had the joy of putting sun cream on the little 'uns then you will know these to be true! 


1. The arguments start BEFORE you have even bought the stuff 

With the mere mention of the word sun cream all hell breaks loose and mums find themselves having arguments about something that hasn't even happened...



No white top or couch is safe! No matter how careful you are there is always that panic to scrub a blob of the cream off your best couch BEFORE IT STAINS. 


3. It takes forever to rub in 

You can't really blame your child for giving out - you have just spent the last ten minutes trying to rub cream in their face. 



4. It makes hair so sticky 

Greasy hair we can deal with but sun cream just makes your kid's hair knotty and a NIGHTMARE to brush. 


5. It does smell glorious though

Oh, sun cream, how you make us nostalgic for our youth. 


6. You can never put enough on...

You'll slather it on them twice just to be double sure you covered EVERY. SINGLE. AREA. 



7.  It makes all your white clothes yellow 

The kids never have a white T-shirt by the end of the summer - they've all got a strange yellow hue.


8. You would totally consider keeping them in after the sun has gone down

Sometimes the arguments and the fights are just not worth the hassle. 


9. You can never find the sun cream when you need it 

But it's staring at you in the face when you don't. 



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