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Baby's nine and twelve month checkups - what should I expect?

By this point, you’ve been to a couple of well baby visits and so you are getting a handle on the routine.  At the nine month visit, there is some good news. No immunisations! At this check-up, your doctor will check your baby’s height and weight, along with looking in their ears, eyes, mouth, nappy area, etc. Your doctor will also discuss with you developmental milestones that will be taking place, such as standing up and eating finger food. 

At the twelve month visit, you baby will be getting several immunisation shots. Again, your baby will be weighed and measured and developmental milestones will be discussed.  Typically, your baby will have tripled their weight by this point. Be prepared to talk about walking, pulling up and standing, types of food your baby is eating, drinking from a cup, saying words and number of teeth. Discuss with your doctor whether or not giving your baby paracetamol/calpol is a good idea to help relieve some of the pain of the immunizations. 

At both visits, be sure and ask any questions you may have. There are no silly questions so be sure to ask.

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