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How can I keep my child's eczema at bay?

With one in five children suffering from eczema in the UK, parents need to be aware of how to manage the condition. Whether your child suffers severely, or just has minor occurrence of eczema, here are ten rules you need to follow to help keep the condition at bay.
  • Adopt a gentle cleansing routine with products adapted to your child’s skin.
  • Gently dry skin by patting without rubbing.
  • Avoid using facecloths: Opt instead for the softness of your bare hand.
  • Apply a daily moisturising product
  • Use a circular motion when applying a moisturiser, start with the face and work down the body.
  • When washing your child’s clothes, do not use fabric conditioner or products containing phosphates. Rinse well.
  • Opt for clothes made from cotton rather than wool or synthetic materials.
  • Carefully monitor your child’s living environment; dust, pollen, animal fur and humidity are all factors that can trigger eczema.
  • Make sure that your child has a varied diet from the age of six months, introducing a new food every week.
  • Opt for a healthy diet free of preservatives, colourants or various additives.
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