1. Club Penguin 

This Disney-owned site is not the most educational one on the Web, but it is fun, friendly, and safe. Children create a penguin alter ego and build an online universe around their penguin. You can chat with other penguins, and parents have the option to limit their child’s responses to a set of predetermined answers in Ultimate Safe Chat mode. Standard Safe Chat gives users more freedom, but is monitored and filtered so that no personal information is allowed to be exchanged. There are loads of fun games, and kids can submit artwork, comics, create an igloo, and more.

2. Fun brain 

A hybrid educational/entertainment site, Funbrain disguises learning through fun, interactive games like Grammar Gorillas and Math Baseball. You’ll also find Web books and comics, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid (nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award) and Amelia Writes Again. Your tots can read blogs from children in their age group with similar interests, and the site links words to dictionary definitions for learning on the fly. Aids for teachers and parents, like homework supplements and quizzes, are also available. If you want to build your child’s brainpower, send them to Funbrain.

3. Barbie 

A fun and safe place for girls to hang out, play games, furnish their bedroom and pretend they are Barbie.

4. National Geographic

Watch live videos of pandas, play fun and educational games and learn lots of amusing and interesting facts about animals, wild life and our planet.
5. Mathletics 

Practice and test maths skills in a fun environment against an online kid's community of primary school children. This wonderfully beneficial programme does require an annual subscription but it’s worth talking to your school about signing up.
6. Innocent 

This is a fantastic site that's full of games and activities from the innocent smoothie’s people.

7. Melody street 

Simple storytelling and charming animation make MELODYSTREET.COM a perfect destination for young kids to learn more about instruments and music. Kids will be enchanted by this magical musical world where animated instruments interact and teach simultaneously.

8. Secret builders

Secret Builders is an engrossing virtual world for kids age 5-14, that also has a strong educational element. Many of the games introduce basic concepts in science, math, and the humanities, and players will encounter important people from history such as Albert Einstein and William Shakespeare. Children are strongly encouraged to help develop new content by submitting ideas and requests for new features and activities, which will likely create a stronger sense of community.

9. Moshi Monsters 

Parents need to know that the Moshi Monsters virtual world site is more entertainment than educational. Kids take care of cute little creatures and earn points to "buy" stuff for their computer-based pet while being introduced to online social networking. There are numerous ways for kids to interact here, although most of the site's focus seems to be on playing games, caring for your own pet, and decorating your own virtual world. Even so, make sure your child knows how to block unwanted friend requests and report posts that are rude or inappropriate, just in case. There's a reassuring section for parents that explains the site's concept and safety measures.
10. Nick jr. 

If your child loves Dora the explorer or Peppa pig then chances are they will love this website. There are lots of games, colouring pages and activities with all your little ones favourite characters.