In his newest release, Life in a Fishbowl, Len Vlahos has taken the world's obsession with reality TV and turned it on its head to create a book filled with emotion, life and the importance of memories.


The story follows Jackie whose father Jared Stone has been diagnosed with terminal cancer - a diagnosis that brings financial worries. 


Desperate to support his family and to pay for the medical bills, Jared went and did what anyone faced with mountains of bills and a family to care for did: he sold his life to the highest bidder. 



And who was that highest bidder? A TV station. 


Jared only has three, maybe four months to live, and suddenly everyone from psychotic millionaires to cyber-savvy nuns wants a piece of Jackie's family as they become a reality TV sensation. 


Jackie's life starts to spiral out of control just as her dad's starts to run out; meanwhile, the whole world is tuning in to watch her family fall apart. 


Len has already written The Scar Boys and Scar Girl and owns the Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver. 


Published by Bloomsbury, it will be available in January 2017. 


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