A youth court decision has made headlines this week, following a ‘landmark’ ruling ordering for a teenage boy to be fitted with a GPS tracker following his every movement.


According to the Mirror, the unnamed 15-year-old has become the first person under the age of 18 to be fitted with such a tracker.


The tracker, which is to be kept on the young man’s body at all times over the course of six months, was issued under a Criminal Behaviour Order.


The Mirror’s report states that the boy was initially handed down a youth order for committing a series of crimes in the Oxford and Didcot areas in November 2015. When he continued to re-offend – even threatening a teenage girl with a replica firearm – a youth court judge ordered for the tracker to be fitted.


Now, authorities will be able to monitor the teen’s every move and ensure he is ‘behaving himself’.


Local police commenting on the case believe that the move will prove to be ‘successful’ in this and future cases.


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