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Bullying: What can you expect from the school?

If you report an instance of bullying to a school regarding your child, you can expect that the matter is dealt with it a serious and professional manner. Every school must clearly follow the instructions contained within the anti-bullying policy document. Parents can request a copy of this from the school so they can monitor progress.
The school will generally deal with any incidents of bullying by meeting with the students accused. In many cases, a verbal warning is all that is needed to end the bullying as long as the situation is monitored. If this isn’t enough, the school will have to take things further by either meeting with the bully’s parents or by proceeding with disciplinary action.
 It’s important that the school takes your complaint seriously and reacts appropriately. If you are not satisfied with the way the school is dealing with the situation, you are entitled to take your complaint further. 

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