Rosie and Ruby Formosa are identical twins who were born conjoined at the hip. 



When Angela, proud mum of these gorgeous girls, discovered she was pregnant with conjoined twins, she was warned their chance of survival was slim. 


Conjoined twins occur in every 200,000 births, but only about five per cent of those births actually survive being born. 



However, beating the odds, the Formosa girls were successfully separated when they were only a few hours old, thanks to the amazing team in Great Ormond Street hospital. 


Four years on, Ruby and Rosie are healthy young girls, and have just started school. 



Angela said it feels like "a million years" ago since she was sitting in the hospital waiting for her babies to come out of  surgery.



"The time has just flown by, I can’t believe how fast it has gone. They are very excited about starting school; their big sister is in school so they can’t wait."


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