Exercising with your baby is a great way to restore your well being, while allowing you both to relax and bond. Just remember you should always check with your doctor or physician before starting any exercise routine.
Here are some great ways to exercise with your infant.
Put your baby into their buggy, pop on your runners and hit the streets. Walking or running with your little one is a great way to get out of the house and probably the easiest form of Mum-Baby exercise.  
There are some lovely walks for all levels of fitness that you and baby can enjoy together - just make sure your buggy is up to the task!
For example, the Thule Urban Glide is an all-round sports stroller, making it perfect for a jog along your favourite running path. Lockable swivel wheels and adjustable ergonomic handlebars make it the perfect choice for get-fit mums, while rear suspension and padded seats ensure your little one has a smooth journey while you job off the pounds.
Thule Urban Glide can also be easily folded and popped into the car, in case your favourite running spot is far from your house or for when you want to change things up with a jog around a new area, like the Phoenix Park.
If you're not a fan of outdoor exercise, there are a number of effective exercises you can do at home with your little one.
Leg Extensions
Sit on a chair and put Baby on one shin or the top of your foot. Holding your little one’s hands, gently lift your leg, keeping it straight, to work the quad muscle. Playtime for baby, work out for mum.
Push Ups
Put baby on their back and get in the push-up position over them. Keep your body in a straight line. When lowering down, blow a raspberry on Baby's tummy.
Put Baby into their buggy. Gently push the buggy until your knee is bent at a 90 degree angle. Repeat with your other leg.

Hold Baby securely in your arms or in their carrier. Stand with your feet wide apart, then gently lower yourself so that your knees and bum are in line. To make it easier on yourself when starting off, lean against a wall, but do work towards achieving proper squats.
Put on your favourite songs and dance with your infant. You won’t notice you are working out and Baby will benefit from the variety of movements. Don’t put the music on too loud though as little ears are very sensitive.