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You either think you're pregnant or know you are. Find out what it should feel like and what symptoms to expect. If you know you're pregnant, you might be asking "now what?". First, find out when your due date is with our due date calculator. Also, you can check out what to expect week by week of your journey with our first trimester, second trimester and third trimester guides, and well as our week by week guides.  If you've just become pregnant or think you are, you'll probably want to start at week 2. And don't forget to sign up for our weekly updates!

Questions & Answers

Are bleeding / swollen gums a pregnancy symptom?

Many women experience swollen or sensitive gums during pregnancy, and it’s not always a warning sign.
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I think I might be pregnant. What signs should I be looking for?

If you’ve noticed any strange changes in your body, mood, or habits, they might just be a sign that you’re going to be a mummy!
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My breasts are incredibly tender and sore. Why does this happen, and how soon will it stop?

For many women, the first few months of pregnancy are accompanied by sore breasts, similar to what you experience during your period.
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Dizziness during pregnancy: Is this normal?

Dizziness if a common symptom of pregnancy, and in most cases, nothing to worry about.
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Strange pregnancy symptoms. Are mine normal?

Knowing what changes to expect due to hormones in pregnancy
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Are itchy, blurry eyes a symptom of pregnancy?

Changes in vision during pregnancy are usually a result of hormonal changes.
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Why do I get cravings?

Cravings are an undeniable part of pregnancy
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