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I think I might be pregnant. What signs should I be looking for?

Pregnancy is different for every woman, and the signs and symptoms of pregnancy often vary. Some women know almost immediately, while others only begin to suspect once the usual time they have their period has come and gone. They’re also not a concrete way to tell if you’re pregnant (only a test can confirm it) but if you notice one or more of these symptoms, you just may be expecting.
  • Darkening areolas (the area around your nipples) are sometimes a sign of pregnancy, although many hormonal imbalances can make this change too.
  • Abnormally strong food cravings are another common sign of pregnancy for many women.
  • Cramping or implantation bleeding a few days after conception, or spotting around the time your period was due to arrive is another common symptom of pregnancy.
  • Fatigue or exhaustion caused by skyrocketing levels of the hormone prog esterone can also indicate that you may be pregnant.
  • A more frequent desire to urinate often accompanies the release of the hormone hCG, or the ‘pregnancy hormone.’
  • Morning sickness: vomiting and nausea. Although many women don’t experience morning sickness until a few weeks into their first trimester, an unlucky few can experience it a lot sooner.
  • Changes in your sense of taste and smell, including ‘going off’ foods and beverages that you usually enjoy.
  • A missed period – nearly always a sign of pregnancy in young, fertile women.
Ultimately, you probably won't or can't be sure if you are pregnant until you have taken a home pregnancy test - these tests are now around 99 percent (or more) effective, so if your home test gives you a positive result, a trip to the doctor is little more than a formality!
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