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How can I know when my baby has an ear infection?

Ear pulling, fever, and irritability are signs that your baby may have an ear infection.

Probably the most common reason that parents visit a paediatrician is an ear infection. However, it is very difficult to identify whether your child has an ear infection or any other infection since the symptoms are quite similar. Symptoms such as fever or irritability can also happen with any other viral infection. Irritability can even happen with teething, although there is no fever here.

Most ear infections are caused by viruses. Just like other viral infection, ear infections also clear up with fluids and some time. Pain medication can help relieve the pain in the ear. A visit to the doctor is, however, not always required.

Parents often think that doctors will prescribe antibiotics when they visit them with a child who has an ear infection. However, this is not true. In most cases, doctors will not prescribe antibiotics immediately. They will ask the parents to keep an eye on the condition of the child. If the symptoms get worse, another visit to the doctor may be required and antibiotics may be prescribed.

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