Queen Elsa from Frozen is a bit of a heroine to most kids around the world. 


But to one little girl, the glittering Snow Queen is more than just a caring sister who can whip up an ice castle or a skating rink from the tips of her fingers. 


To Emily Urquhart's little girl, Sadie, Elsa is a positive role model for her albinism - a defect of melanin production that results in little or no color pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes.


Elsa's ice-white hair matches Sadie's, who has scarcely any pigment in her hair, eyes or skin.




"Despite her many layers, strands of white hair poke out from beneath her hat and over the neck of her scarf," mum Emily told the BBC. 


"The little boy standing behind her leans in for a better look and shouts out 'hey, you have hair just like Elsa!'"


Emily explained that while she usually cringes over certain princess stories, she's okay with Elsa, "not because she's a strong female lead without a prince-driven narrative, but because she has white hair like my daughter."


She continued: "It was as if this ubiquitous Disney character somehow normalised my daughter's difference."


It's great that Sadie is learning to love herself, no matter the colour of her hair or skin. 


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