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How do I ensure that my tween gets her five a day?

It can be hard to ensure that your child gets five servings of fruit and vegetables each day.
Here are some top tips to make sure your child gets enough nutrients each day:
  • Start with a nutritious breakfast. Give your child a serving or two of fruit with breakfast each day, keeping it varied so she doesn’t get bored. Half a grapefruit, a handful of grapes, some berries with a fortified cereal or some chopped banana are all great options. Orange juice and smoothies can count as one portion too!
  • Ensure your tween eats vegetables and fruit at lunch and dinner.
  • Snack on fruit or vegetables. They contain carbohydrates which are a great source of energy. Serve with a portion of protein, such as cheese, a yoghurt or a serving of peanut butter.
  • It’s ok to double up on fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, beans or carrots.
  • Use fruit and vegetables as ingredients. Does your tween like muffins? Make low fat carrot muffins and get your veggies along with your grains! Chop up veggies (peppers, carrots, celery) and add them to chilli or lasagne. 

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