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How should I bathe my child with eczema?

Washing should be ultra-gentle in order to limit the risk of irritation. Adopting simple techniques and specifically adapted products, recommended by your G.P or Dermatologist will help you. Here are some simple guidelines you should follow when bathing your child if they suffer from eczema.
  • Shower using warm, not hot, water (35⁰) to avoid provoking or triggering renewed itching.
  • In the bath, squeeze a couple of drops of bath oil to neutralize the drying effects of water (try to use a neutral product).
  • Try to use a gentle soap and fragrance-free cleansing gel or a surgras liquid soap to neutralize the drying effects of calcium in the water.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of product.
  • Gently dry skin by patting without rubbing.
  • Avoid using face-clothes; opt for the softness of your bare hand.
  • Keep your child’s nails short.
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