Little Xavier McCoury, 10, is colourblind and could only see the world in grey, black and white until he was given a special pair of EnChroma glasses as a gift from his aunt Celena.


These glasses allowed him to see the world in colour for the first time ever and the emotional moment was captured on video.


Xavier is given a box containing the glasses which he opens with a big smile. They look just like ordinary sunglasses but these are the only way Xavier could ever see the full spectrum of colours.


As little Xavier puts on the glasses, he looks around and smiles, before starting to cry as he becomes overwhelmed by the enormity of the occasion.


He looks all around him in disbelief, shocked at seeing the world in colour for the very first time.



Off camera, a family member asks: “What can you see buddy?” A tearful Xavier replies “Colour!


“Can you see my shirt? Purple?” his dad asks, as Xavier nods.


When asked if he’ll ever take off the glasses, he says: “I don’t want to!”


“You don’t have to”, his family reassure him.


The adorable little boy is enthralled by the green grass, seeing his red baseball helmet and the American flag all in colour for the first time ever.


“Thank you!” he says to his aunt who was only delighted to help.


Mum Melissa said: "It's impossible to describe how much this moment meant to him and the whole of our family.


"We all felt like we had just witnessed a miracle, seeing something we'd all hope for, for so long unfolding before our eyes was just unbelievable.



"As a parent, all I want to see is that my kids are happy, and seeing him cry tears of joy was the greatest feeling.


"He never wants to take the glasses off now, he's completely fascinated by everything around him.”


Melissa explained that she’d realised Xavier was colour-blind at about three years old as he wasn't picking up on any of his colours or distinguishing between them, according to The Mirror.


"Generously his aunt offered to get them for his birthday, after discovering EnChroma glasses last year”, she said."Thankfully they worked and now there are so many firsts for him."


Now the youngster is making up for lost time and has already been to a baseball game and a firework display to enjoy these spectacles in colour.


Colour blindness affects more men than women, with one in 12 men and one in 200 women affected worldwide.