There are some of us who wonder how a woman can be pregnant and not know about it – but Brooke and Calvin Williams want you to know that it really, truly can happen.


The couple are as amazed as they are dazed this week, after welcoming a daughter on Sunday – despite having no clue that Brooke was expecting.


Calvin rushed Brooke to their local hospital in Utah, US last weekend when she began experiencing seizures.



Medics carried out blood work, and came back with some very surprising news: Brooke was 35 weeks pregnant.


“When Brooke was a little girl, she had a brain tumour, and they told her that she, of course, wouldn’t be able to have kids,” Calvin told local media outlet


The infertility diagnosis aside, Brooke also didn’t experience any symptoms.



Indeed, Calvin added: “She never had any sickness. She never felt her stomach move. Me and my wife are the ones that make fun of those people [who don’t know they are pregnant].”


The couple went on to welcome a daughter, who tipped the scales at 5lbs 8oz. The tot – described by proud new dad Calvin as ‘a miracle’, is said to be doing ‘great’.


A relative has set up a GoFundMe page (link here) to help the couple with their expenses.


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