Love Island star Dani Dyer opens up about whether she wants more children

Dani Dyer has revealed if she has any plans to have more children!

The former Love Island winner is currently a mum-of-three to identical twin girls Summer and Star, who were born in May to Dani and her boyfriend Jarrod Bowen. The reality star is also a mum to two-year-old son Santiago from a previous relationship.

Five months on from the birth of her daughters, Dani has been opening up about her family’s plans for the future, as well as her twins’ developments so far.

Earlier today, the 27-year-old took to Instagram and asked her 3.7M followers to submit questions for a Q&A.


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Dani later confirmed that one of her most asked questions was in regards to the potential of having more children, and so she decided to address the topic.

“I love my 3 babies so much but I couldn’t imagine having another one currently,” she admitted, before going on to explain her reasons why. 

“4 kids is a lot and my car would have to be even bigger than what it is now,” the mum-of-three joked.


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Despite turning down the idea of adding to her brood, Dani was then asked for her favourite names for twin boys.

“I LOVE the name Sailor for a boy, and also the name Serg call me crazy I know… I just love unusual names especially for boys,” she teased.

Lastly, the Love Island alum was asked to share an update on the differences between her twin daughters.


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“Summer is a little bit more vocal than Star,” Dani admitted, adding: “However Star has found her voice a bit more lately!” 

"They are very different… I always say Summer will protect Star but it could change as they grow,” she continued.

“They have started to recognise each other now which is lovely and make noises to one another but I’m sure in a few months the bond will be even more noticeable,” Dani concluded.