A woman gave birth in a hospital elevator after a midwife told her she was not in labour.


Antonia Kennedy, who was expecting her fourth child, said she knew she was in labour when a midwife at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital told her to go shopping for a few hours because she wasn’t in active labour.


Embarrassed, Antonia went home with her partner Phil but within ten minutes of arriving home, the expectant mum knew that she didn’t have much time and decided to return to the hospital.



By the time she reached the hospital, Antonia was having contractions every 30 seconds and couldn’t walk.


The pair got into a hospital elevator with another family and two hospital porters when Antonia’s waters broke.


Phil was forced to pull down his partner’s leggings and thankfully caught their baby boy just in time.



This is the second time Hull Women and Children’s Hospital has come under fire for its treatment of expectant mothers.


Last week, another woman was told to “calm down, go home and rest” shortly before delivering her baby in a toilet at the hospital.



Chief Nurse of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Mike Wright said in a statement:


"We would like to apologise to Ms Kennedy if she feels let down in any way or is unhappy with the clinical care she received.


“Pregnancy and birth can be unpredictable, even for experienced women, and situations can change very quickly.


“We can confirm we have spoken to Ms Kennedy and we will be in contact with her again this week."