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My child hates homework, it's a constant battle. How can I make it fun for him?

Homework should never cause issues between you and your child. Your relationship with your child is far too precious to be threatened by trying to get your child to do homework. So, what do you do if your child hates homework? Well, that depends on the reasons why our child doesn’t want to do homework.
Here are the five common reasons children hate homework and what you can do to solve them without kicking and screaming.
Doing homework takes time, time that your child would rather spend doing fun things
The solution is to set a limit to the time your child spends doing homework and stick to it. If your child knows he can stop working at a certain time he will be more motivated to do the work.
The homework is too hard and your child isn’t able to do it
The solution is to speak to your child’s teacher and explain that they are finding it too difficult. Your child’s teacher will be able to review the homework and come up with a solution that works best for your child.
Homework is boring
It can be tricky to convince your child to do his homework if he has already decided that it’s boring but the key is to try and make it fun. Why not have a little quiz once his homework is done and maybe give a little treat as a prize? Also, setting a limit to the time spent on homework will help. You should  speak to your child and try and find out exactly what he thinks is boring about homework. It may be that he is struggling with a particular subject, in which case speaking to his teacher will help.
Homework is left to the last minute
The solution is to keep to a strict homework routine. Start homework the same time every night and help your child keep a homework diary, complete with dates that special projects have to be handed in. Mark dates on a calendar and work backwards to decide when work has to be handed in.  Let your child be responsible for getting the work done on time. There should be no excuse for being late doing a project or starting his homework on time.
Books needed for homework are left at school
If you notice that your child is forgetting to bring home books frequently then it is a sure sign that he is struggling to learn and finding the workload too hard. You should speak to your child’s teacher and explain that your child is struggling with the homework he is being given. Also try to set up a system to help your child remember what books are needed for homework, you can also speak to his teacher about setting this up.
Getting your child to successfully finish his homework is not something that should cause an undue amount of tension or stress. Instead, facilitate your child’s homework and help make it a more enjoyable experience.

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