Need design inspiration? Check out our top 10 favourite nursery themes

Expecting a child and thinking of decorating their nursery? Firstly, congratulations, and secondly, you’ve come to the right place to get inspiration for nursery themes. There’s lots to think about when it comes to designing a nursery- are you going for a gender neutral look? Or opting for a super pink or really blue theme? Love the montessori style or want to choose a popular cartoon character that you think your little one will love for years to come?

If you’re a little bamboozled by scrolling for hours on Pinterest or fed up of watching the same Reels with the styles of nurseries that you don’t love, then look no further! We’ve searched high and low and found our ultimate top 10 favourite nursery themes that you’re bound to fall in love with! 


If you want your little one's room to fit in with the rest of the decor in you home, why not opt for neutral tones. This also works well if you're not finding out the sex of your baby before they make their arrival!


If you want a room fit for your little prince or princess, then look no further. Choosing a royal theme like this one will have your baby looking and feeling like royalty.

Under the sea

A fun nautical theme is perfect for sea-loving parents or those who love fishing. Add in elements of Ariel with a wall mural or some toys if you loved the recent The Little Mermaid live action movie.

White tones

Keep your baby's nursery looking clean and chic like Jess Wright's nursery for baby Presley. You can always add in pops of colour with wall art or blankets. Another ideal dreamy theme if you don't know the sex of your little one.

Pretty in pink

If you're going to raise a girly-girl, then take inspo from Stacey Solomon as she went ALL out for her daughter Rose's nursery. From pink walls, furniture and bedding, this room will be super bright and eye-catching for your baby.

Outer space

If you're a lover of all things space related, or hope to raise a child that will be, adding planets and rocket ships to their nursery is a cute way to pique that interest. 


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Farm life

Mrs.Hinch's son Ronnie's room isn't exactly a nursery but we had to include it because we just LOVE this decor! Just imagine the bed swapped out for a cot and you have the perfect space for your baby. Whether you come from a farming background or love the idea of farm animals to entertain your baby, this theme is just so cute!

Montessori vibes

If you're not a fan of bright colours and crazy patterns when it comes to decor or toys, a montessori- style nursery could be ideal for your newborn. A calming and neutral room that won't be overstimulating for your newborn, which is definitely trendy at the moment.

On safari

The safari theme has been becoming more popular for children's birthday parties in recent times, but we love the idea for a nursery. Fresh plants in the corner of the room, rattan baskets to hold muslins, and all of the wild animals you can think of to add an element of exploration to the room.


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We love the cottaegcore fashion trend, but seeing it as a nursery is so cute. This sweet style has a homely and old-timely feel without looking old fashion. Going thrift-shopping would be a great way to find some decor to fill your cottaegcore nursery.


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