New research reveals 51% of us admit we dont always take time to warm up & cool down after exercise

A survey conducted by Nuasan, the Galway-based natural body care brand for active people, delved into the new year exercise and recovery habits of 400+ respondents, female (56%), male (44%). 56% of those surveyed started a new exercise regime in 2023. Of those, 46% joined a gym or club, whilst 54% activated an independent, home-based routine.

With the best intensions to start the year with a more active lifestyle, it seems respondents are causing themselves pain and injury by overdoing the exercise and skipping important steps to better aid their recovery. Whilst walking (61%) and running (52%) followed by weights (45%) then cycling, swimming and yoga/Pilates were the most popular pursuits, surprisingly over half (51%) admitted they don’t always take time to warm up or cool down properly before and after exercise.

As a result, the back (41%) is the part of the body most susceptible to experiencing pain or injury, followed by the knee (34%), shoulder (29%) and foot/ankle (25%)

In terms of techniques to aid post-exercise recovery, ‘massage’ was the most popular at 64%, with 40% trying ‘immersion/bathing’ and 42% said that they find CBD infused products useful in aiding recovery.

Dara Scott, Founder and Managing Director at Nuasan says:

“It is encouraging to see that there is a high percentage of our survey respondents who have upped their exercise game in 2023, however, it is equally important to look after the post-exercise recovery to ensure that injury and pain is lessened and managed. We’re delighted that our CBD Muscle Gel, which launched last year, has proved so popular, in fact becoming our best-seller.

Conscious that combining massage and CBD infused products can give even more focused relief to sore, aching muscles, we’re delighted to add a new bundle of our Nuasan Active CBD Muscle Gel and Nuasan Active Massage gun to our range. We want to encourage people to invest more time in their recovery, choosing products that sustainably aid them to continue their active lifestyle.”

In a world where social media seems to be influencing many of our habits, it was encouraging to see that 67% of respondents said they felt it is important for influencers in the fitness space to have a professional qualification in fitness. Given the perceived popularity, surprisingly 60% of respondents said that they don’t find influencers in the fitness space to be motivational. Of the 40% that disagreed, Roz Purcell was voted the most motivational, followed by The Happy Pear twins.

Ronan Murphy, personal trainer and founder of Fitby15, consulted with Nuasan on this research and commented:

“This research backs up a trend we see year, after year, people throwing themselves into tough, intense training regimes in January, without being properly prepared or listening to the body’s warning signs. Pain and injury are inevitable. Our exercise mantra is short and often, just 15 mins a day from the comfort of your home can have a considerable impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s encouraging too to see that people are becoming more aware and informed when it comes to where they source their fitness advice and guidance. I’m delighted to partner with Nuasan on this project, recovery is a key piece of the puzzle, taking time to rest and heal will help to prevent injury and allow for a more consistent, results-focused exercise approach.”

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