Not having a garden doesn’t mean you need to miss out on having a few plants. Whether you live in an apartment or a terraced house, you can bring nature inside by investing in a number of indoor plants.
Here are four of the best plants to cope with the warm home environment:
Aloe vera
If you don’t have green fingers but still want a few plants to beautify your home, an aloe vera is ideal.  It thrives in the heat, doesn’t need much water and will basically grow like wild flower with little or no intervention from you. It will also come in handy if you burn yourself.
Jade plant
This is a really pretty plant and will last forever, almost. Like the aloe vera plant, this is low maintenance, only needs a dribble of water and grows well in warm temperatures.
Snake plant
Big a little colour into the home with this gorgeous house plant. Its yellow-edged leaves are there all year but your might be treated to a few white flowers. Keep the soil dry and place them in a location that gets plenty of light.
Areca palm
If you are looking for something a little more dramatic, this plant is ideal. Another one that thrives on dry soil and light – perfect for indoors.