A journalist captured the powerful moment a young boy faced down a huge crowd of same-sex marriage protestors.


The incredible image has roundly been described as instantly iconic.


As Mexico moves towards same-sex marriage, thousands of groups are taking to the streets to protest. One of these marches, by Frente Nacional por la Familia (a “pro-family” group), took place in Celaya, Guanajuato, in Southeast Mexico, where journalist Manuel Rodriguez captured the shot.


In it, the boy stands in front of the approaching congregation of cars and people, his arms outstretched in supplication as if to say, “Stop. No more. We want peace and equality.”


12 year old tries to stop anti-marriage equality march in Mexico. Photo by Manuel Rodriguez. from lgbt


At first, Manuel thought the boy, believed to be 12, was only playing, but it turned out he was making his stand for a very important reason.


Manuel interviewed the child, who said: “I have an uncle who is gay and I hate the hatred.”


The spate of protests are following a proposal by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to change the constitutional to allow couples to marry regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.


Photo by Manuel Rodriguez.


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