So, this note is ACTUALLY on display in a doctor's clinic - and it's SO true


Being pregnant means you end up visiting your doctor/ midwife/ OB more times than you care to think - and sitting in the waiting room can get a little bit boring.


Which is why we absolutely love this hilarious pregnancy Q&A that was found pinned to one OB's wall.


Found this at my OB appointment today. from BabyBumps


The photo, which was shared on Reddit by YellowWoodenTable, lists a series of questions that people ask during pregnancy, and put an hilarious twist on them.


From answering whether you have to have a baby shower ("not if you change the baby's diaper very quickly) to knowing when is the best time to get an epidural ("right after you find out you're pregnant"), this Q&A covers everything. 



Pregnancy can be both a frustrating and worrying time, so anything that brings a smile to a mama-to-be's face is ALWAYS welcomed".

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