Someone has combined two of our favourite beverages, and we're just a teeny bit excited


Nothing beats a good cup of tea.


Whether it's to calm your nerves, warm up your hands, or, you know, just to enjoy with a biscuit, nothing beats a cuppa.



Unless it's gin, of course.


Well, you'll be delighted to hear that in aid of National Tea Day (our favourite day of the year) someone already has!


And they gave it pretty awesome name: Jindea - Single Estate Tea Gin.



Sound like your kind of tipple?


Produced using an alembic copper pot still, one of the ingredients of the London Dry-style gin is Darjeeling tea, also known as the Champagne of teas - so you know you're only drinking the good stuff! 



However, you'll have to wait a while before you can get your hands on it; it's not available until May 13th


But we're sure it'll be worth the wait! 

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